GET LOUD for Mental Health

May 2-8, 2016 is Mental Health Week and CEN & Associates are going to “GET LOUD.” Thanks to grants from BSG Coalition to End Violence, Mental Health & Addictions and prizes from Canadian Mental Health Association the staff and students of L. S. Eddy are invited to join, thousands across Canada, in getting loud to end the stigma and break the silence that 2 in 3 Canadians live in for fear of rejection or judgment. Rest assure there is no judgment here.

Staff will don their best “green” on Monday, May 2 to show their support of Mental Health week. Anyone passing by the building after-hours will see green lights shining bright for all to see. Friday, they will engage in healthy mental “Well“th activities that promote positive mental health and be treated to a meal promoting healthy eating. During the week, staff and students can relax in our de-stress room.

Patrons coming into the building will be able to see staff’s actions/commitment for revitalizing their mental health as each participates in  “It’s Your Health On the Line” activity.

Regardless which way you choose to celebrate your Mental Health, do it in a positive manner that encourages health and longevity.

For more information on Mental Health Week or healthy ways to increase your mental health check out Canadian Mental Health Association.