Mock Car Crash: A Teaching Opportunity


imageFor many passers-by the scene was horrific and shocking. Scattered broken glass, bent metal, blood and a victim being loaded onto a stretcher were all indicators that something went terribly wrong.

But, on September 13, 2016, luckily for the 37 year old male, this was the scene of a “Mock Car Crash.”

The second annual event organized by Peaceful Communities, gave first responders and emergency medical personnel real-life training, while witnesses were made aware just how serious distracted/impaired driving can be.

Corey Lomond, co-chair of Peaceful Communities at the time, reported the event a success. “Feedback has proven to us a lot of people are seeing the accident, and a lot of people are thinking this is real,” he said.

According to their Year in Review, the Bay St. George Chapter of MADD, reports that on average four people are killed with another 175 seriously injured due to impaired driving. CAA released that in North America there are 4 million car crashes per year. With 3 out of 4 drivers admitting to driving distracted, according to IBC Insurance.

Distracted driving comes in all forms from tuning the radio, to in-vehicle conversations with others. Today, however, it is most commonly due to texting and talking on cellphones. In fact, studies by Virginia Tech Transportation
Institute, 2010, indicate drivers who text or use cellular phones while driving are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car or near car crash.6357709927515511911248818647_texting-driving-imgopt1000x70

For one lucky person in Port aux Basques, this accident on September 13th was just a simulated training exercise. Let’s hope it was an eye-opener for many more.

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