SWCEV Highlights 2015-2016!

20161005_153939_hdrThirty-four people attended Violence Prevention Southwest’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016. Held at the Days Inn in Stephenville, there was representation from several organizations, including Western Health, Mental Health & Addictions, Community Youth Network, Community Education Network, Canadian Mental Health Association, Dept of Justice & Public Safety, Newfoundland Aboriginal Women’s Network, Lions Club and BSG Status of Women Council, among others. 

Bernice Hancock, Coordinating Agency Liaison for SWCEV, offered a warm welcome to everyone and thanked them for coming. Following a brief history and background regarding SWCEV and it’s commitment, since 2006, to the Violence Prevention Initiative, Bernice invited representatives from each of the Local Coordinating Committees (LCC): Peaceful Communities, H.E.L.P Committee and BSG Coalition to End Violence, to come forward and highlight their year.

Danielle Walters and Corey Lomond spoke of many events and activities the committee in Port aux Basques have undertaken this past year. For the Burgeo area, Kathy Cutler regarded, while a small committee, they have much to be proud of. Kim Kendell, Janice Kennedy and Vanessa Lee highlighted the value of partnerships when facilitating community events and activities. Although each LCC holds their own events locally, the initiatives are shared by all three LCCs.

Among some of those highlighted were facilitation of Take Back the Night events; Purple Ribbon Campaign/Dec. 6 Vigil; World Elder Abuse Awareness Day activities, Violence Prevention Month community and school-based activities; coordination of Stand Up Day; Families and Schools Together school-based programs; and PRIDE events. 

Along with coordinating and hosting events, SWCEV and LCCs spend time educating and offering public awareness with outreach activities regarding: positive mental health; integration and inclusion; sexual violence awareness; suicide prevention; fetal alcohol syndrome disorder, among others.20161005_153922_hdr

In a day and age where technology is the leading factor for promotion and education, participants were guided through a virtual tour of  the Violence Prevention Initiative. Coordinated by the Women’s Policy Office, the website highlights many of its various approaches to a province where everyone will live a violence-free life. Also emphasized was the SWCEV website featuring the three LCC’s events and contact information. 

Susan Fowlow, delivered a motivational keynote, sugared with laughter, as she spoke about the importance of volunteering and mentoring young volunteers to continue that path. As she finished she left everyone with a powerful food for thought question: “If you were arrested and charged with Random Acts of Kindness, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”20161005_161717_hdr 20161005_164350_hdr

As the meeting came to an end, Bernice thanked everyone for participating and five lucky winners walked away with a small reminder of the day.20161005_161259_hdr